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A phone app with 17 HIIT workout designs

Engineered for results

Whether spinning, running, biking, rowing, swimming, skiing…, nothing beats high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to improve aerobic performance.

Knowing that it may be difficult to find or develop efficient (and exciting) HIIT workouts, we have done it for you !

Our 17 workout designs have been proven to yield quick and substantial improvements of performance factors such as :

– VO2max
– Endurance
– Anaerobic capacity


17 options to suit any occasion

With various patterns of high and low intensity periods, our workout are not only engaging, but physically and mentally sustainable.

Ranging from 18 to 83 minutes, there is a workout to suit any schedule, motivation and improvement goal.

Easy to follow timers

  • Red background for intervals ;
  • Blue background for recovery periods ;
  • Transition beeps and/or vibrations ;
  • Intensity bar graphs with progress indicator ;
  • Info tables showing interval & rest period times.

Interval intensity

If you know your MAP, FTP60 or your MAS, the intensity of each interval will be displayed in power (watts) or speed or pace.

If you don’t know your MAP,FTP60 or MAS, or if your doing your workout where no intensity feedback is provided, gauge the intensity using the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) method.

Outdoor & Indoor (home and gym) Training

All workouts can be performed in any aerobic sport : spinning, cycling, running, cross-country skiing, roller skiing, rowing, swimming, skating, kayaking…


Measure your Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) and estimate your VO2max, with our easy to to do progressive field test.

Developed by exercise physiology scientist and interval training specialist, Guy Thibault Ph.D., with input from Canadian road cycling champion (2016), Bruno Langlois, our 17 workout designs have been successfully tested by many athletes and coaches.

The trial version includes the first 2 workout designs. For about the price of a cappuccino, you can purchase the complete version to unlock the other 15, and the Maximal Aerobic Speed field test.

The App also has a French version

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